The plunge

imagem: Ana Nitzan

por Marcella Marx

to the ones who make it seem easy
to the ones who can only do it because they do it without thinking it over
to the ones who are always on the verge
to you

Once upon a time I had a dream
but life is made of many other things besides dreams
among them, there reality is
patting you on the shoulder
or smashing a big and juicy tomato all around your face
making you cry out and loud when you stumble and fall
and endlessly low on your pillow’s ear
when only your choice is to be made.

Once I dreamt that my dream did not haunt me
that it remained just as I dared to dream.

Upon ages and ages I strived with it
my dream
as it kept outgrowing me in shape and shadow
as if my bow and arrow
where not fit for me, but for that image I had of myself
it was only when I looked at it closely
my dream
face to face
that I finally grasped what was there
in front of me.

My dream
not I anymore
and once upon a time more
the exact moment emerged
for me to quest my Self anew.

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