imagem: Cassiano Rodka

“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond”.
Pink Floyd, “Shine on you crazy diamond”

To my body, the king of it all.

To Marcella Marx, Bel Dall’Agnol,
Sylvia Plath and Ana Cristina Cesar,
poetry divas.

This is just because I love to see you shining,
You bright-unique piece of my own personal universe.
You come and go and change: but never ever let me turn madly insane.
You’ve always known my limits.
I’m at your complete disposal,
Master of my mind:
but never dispose of me.
I’m your north
your sunset
that little piece of you
hidden so secretly,
that not even I can find.
Provoke and invert me.
My mind goes a lot farther than you think.
Pleased to please you,
my lord,
my guide,
my suggestion,
always reading all my mysteries.
Let me build my psychological castles.
Don’t lie to yourself: you also know how to build yours, but you’re genuinely terrified of them.
Tell me why…
No, don’t tell me, because I know it already.
Full of surprises, but not that much.
Let me get in (or out): it’s a whole lot easier, my friend.
You’re allowed to invade me,
anytime you want.
Let me drink your blood,
and everything else.
Pink vampire,
delicately lost in crazy winter nights.
I’m afraid of flying.
Of lying.
Of leaving.
Of wanting.
Of all the things I shouldn’t.
Right now, I’m drinking the universe, stirred, with an olive.
And that’s why you can deeply and uniquely translate me.
You know all the chords.
And the exact rhythm:
In every single way.
Play me.
And the let the future guess the rest of it.

(To all the crazy diamonds who have crossed my path: shine on, darlings.)

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