The wind

The wind_P2
imagem: José Calimero

Should we allow the wind to carry us?
It feels nice, the breeze blowing against my face,
Caressing me from all directions.
I can let myself go,
It’s choice free, just the way I like it.

Not knowing where to go
I place my boat in the middle of the ocean
Exactly where I am equidistant from any land

I trust the wind will keep on doing what it does to me
I trust its unpredictability to guide me
To wherever it wants me to go.

Little did I know about the wind’s true nature.

There are days in which my boat is so still it seems anchored
Days in which the wind can’t find me
On these days I see myself mirrored at the bottomless sea
On these days I regret not having grown my own wings
To flee my boat and go meet the wind
Wherever it is.

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